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Here are some articles about Haiti written by Peter Hallward.

Haiti: One More Shameful UN Betrayal - The Guardian, 23 November 2010.

Haiti 2010: Exploiting Disaster - October 2010.

The Land that wouldn’t lie: Foreign intervention in Haiti - HaitiAnalysis 29 January 2010. (An abbreviated version of this article first appeared as The Land that Wouldn’t Lie in the New Statesman, 28 January 2010.
Alternative link.

Securing Disaster in Haiti - 21 January 2010, Monthly Review Zine.

Our Role in Haiti’s Plight - The Guardian, 13 January 2010.

A Haitian Boat Disaster - Radical Philosophy 145, September 2007, 53-55.
Alternative link.

Did He Jump or Was He Pushed? Aristide and the 2004 Coup in Haiti - published in eight instalments in Ha´ti LibertÚ, October-November 2007.
Alternative link.

Aristide and the Violence of Democracy - [review essay on Alex Dupuy, The Prophet and Power: Jean-Bertrand Aristide, the International Community and Haiti (2007)], Haiti LibertÚ nos. 1-3, July 2007.

One Step at a Time: An Interview with Jean-Bertrand Aristide - London Review of Books 29:4, 22 February 2007. The complete English transcript is available online at Haiti Analysis (Alternative link)and in French here.

Insurgency and Betrayal: An Interview with Guy Philippe - HaitiAnalysis, 23 March 2007.
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Option Zero in Haiti - New Left Review 27, 23-47, May 2004.

Haitian Inspiration: Notes on the Bicentenary of Independence - Radical Philosophy 123, 2-7, January 2004.

Thank you to Peter Hallward for the above links.

Democracy Now! - Interview with Peter Hallward (video or audio and transcript)

Democracy Now! - All reports involving Haiti (video or audio and transcript)

Haiti Liberte - newspaper web site in French with some English content.

Haiti Relief and Reconstruction Watch I will add more links here as I find them.